5 Top Women Themed Slots


Even though trying to divide slots into ones that target male players and ones that are developed for female gamblers is outdated, there certainly are some online slot machines that proved to be more attractive to women than to men. Therefore, we’ve made a list of such so called women themed slots whose theme, graphic effects and design have a general idea to suit the exquisite taste women have. It has to be pointed out that not all slots that women find entertaining are about flowers and butterflies; women also like badass online slot machines like the ones where the main character is a female superhero, for example.

Kitty Glitter (IGT)

This IGT powered slot is a 5-reel and 30-payline video slot that is simply adored by female players. Besides the juicy 1,000 coins jackpot, the top other reason why women enjoy spinning the reels of Kitty Glitter is the fabulous grumpy cats. The whole design of the game is pretty girlish and features lots of glitter and shades of pink, which is the favourite colour of many ladies. To make everything more exciting, the wild symbol on the slot is the “woman’s best friend” i.e. a diamond. The game has a free spin bonus feature that can grant players up to 225 free games.

Wonder Woman (Playtech)

Playtech's Wonder Woman is one of the rare female superhero themed slots available on the market. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that ladies enjoy playing this fantastic game that tells the story of one of the world’s most legendary female superheroes. The reels of the game include the Wonder Woman logo as well as her nemesis Ares and Artemis. Additionally, players will see her invisible jet, the lasso of truth, her tiara, her sword and her recognisable shield. This awesome slot can be found at many popular casinos.

Hot City (NetEnt)

Hot City is maybe a classic example of a women themed slot machine since the slot follows the fabulous life of wealthy girls. Aside from the reels that feature trendy blondes and attractive brunettes, the game has a very unique bonus feature that takes players to shoe shopping. Some other symbols seen on the reels include luxury bags, smartphones and jewellery. Many experts claim that NetEnt was inspired by the popular TV show Sex and the City during the development of this fantastic game; whatever the case, we’re sure ladies will love it.

Chippendales (Playtech)

Well, it’s a mystery to humankind why nobody thought of developing a similar game before. However, Playtech made a real treat to lady gamblers worldwide when it released the smoking hot slot Chippendales. The game features hot men that take off their clothes every time they’re part of a winning combination. Additionally, the bonus features involve striptease, videos of half-naked dancers and half-naked men spinning a prize wheel.

Bridesmaids (Microgaming)

Microgaming’s slot Bridesmaids has been inspired by the chick flick having the same title that conquered the hearts of women all around the world. Therefore, it’s not surprising that this online slot machine targets female players as well. Bridesmaids is a top played game at many Microgaming gaming sites. Some of the many bonus feature of this game are Boutique Bonus, Magic Moments and Friendship Free Spins; these titles clearly state that Bridesmaids is a game that women will adore. Naturally, the background of the game is coloured in pink and some other colours seen on the screen are shades of violet and burgundy. Can this slot get any more girly? We don’t think so.

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